If you are interested in attending any "Sold Out" or "Registration Full" event/camp, please contact us directly by phone at (910) 279-5735 or via email at starbrightlittleplayers@gmail.com

Information and Policies


If a student or an adult student has special learning needs you must inform the instructor. It benefits both your child and our staff in preparing lessons that will be taught to insure success.


If a student or  an adult student that is registered to attend StarBright Little Players & has a fever or any contagious illnesses/conditions please refrain from sending them to camp or attending.  

If a Student or Adult Student that is registered to attend StarBright Little Players misses a day of camp due to illness, fees will not be refundable or be able to be banked/ transferred to another time or class.


StarBright Little Players has class rules that are posted in our studio.  Class rules make it possible for our classes to run smoothly, be fun and discipline to be obtained so all art students have a safe and successful day in class. 

Rudeness, talking back or refusal to follow directions or refusal to participate in class projects is not acceptable and may result in the student being asked to leave our studio and not to return. Class fees will not be refundable. 

Bullying, manipulation, teasing or harassing other students will not be tolerated and the student will be asked to be picked up and won’t be able to enroll in our camp in the future.


Once a student or adult student is booked at StarBright Little Players they are added to our role and we begin preparing for their arrival. Our space is limited in our studio.  Often we’re at full capacity and we have to turn students away or add them to a waiting list.  No changes can be made to your booked days once you have booked a specific date on our calendar.


Once you have reserved a seat at our event/ class, we begin preparing for your arrival! A reserved seat at our table is yours whether you choose to attend class or not. Cancellations must be made 14 days prior to a booked class in written form.


Class fees will not be refundable.